Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 - 134.0 lbs

A very scientific experiment.
 "So, you're gonna try protein shakes again, huh?"


"You do remember what it did to us last time, right?"

"Yeah. Stalled our weight loss pretty good."

"That it did. Thinking things might work out differently this time, eh?"

"Well, I'm going to run an experiment for three days or so and see what happens. If the results are the same as last time, I'll take away the protein and see if our weight loss resumes. If it does, I'll stay away from the protein shakes until we've hit our goal weight."

"Oooh. Experimentation! How scientific of us! We'll be controlling for variables, I presume."

*blank stare*

"You know, not making any changes to our diet, exercise routine, et cetera, so we can attribute any variations in weight to the protein with a modicum of confidence?"

*blank stare*

"Goddamnit, Butch."

chocolate flavored coffee with full fat cream, coconut oil, and teaspoon of cocoa

2 eggs w/ cream cooked in bacon grease, covered in full fat sour cream and salsa

2 slices of bacon

plateful of ham and turkey

protein shake

2 chicken drumsticks

bowlful of baby spinach with full fat sour cream ranch dressing

handful of nuts

worked out legs, little light cardio

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