Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday, 09 November 2012 - 135.2 lbs

Welp, it finally caught up to me. Up 0.2 from yesterday. Maybe it's the muscle I built. Yes, yes, that's the ticket.

I'm going without dairy today, just to see what happens. Strawberry coffee with coconut milk and oil in the morning. Two eggs with coconut milk cooked in bacon grease with salsa on top and 3 pieces of bacon at lunch. Got home from work and snacked on a handful of nuts, slice of bologna, then I went and ate all the meat chunks out of Heather's spaghetti sauce because I really wanted them. Then I had a piece of pre-cooked smoked salmon. Mmmm.

After a nap, I displayed a rare show of discipline and actually made myself go to the gym to work my chest, triceps, and shoulders (all other exercise mentioned heretofore has been on the Navy's time -- this was on mine because that's how I wagon wheel). Came home and had another slice of bologna, handful of nuts, and a couple bits of chicken as I pulled what was left off the bones to make some chicken salad for later.

Here are some pics from Rex's (my supervisor)  Halloween party last Saturday (partly responsible for my weight gain last weekend):

Me, Rex, Nate, Angie (pals from work) in Rex's spookily decorated garage
Angie, Me (w/ the start of my November mustache thing), Nate + shots of brandy (not Angie -- she was the DD)
Angie, Me, Nate, unknown Filipino friend of Rex's

Me singing "Say It Ain't So" with Rex and his merry band of Filipinos

Me slappin de bass

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