Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 - 134.4 lbs

YOWZA!!! Down 1.2 from yesterday! Deserving of an all caps 'yowza' with three exclamation points? Nah, probably not. But, still -- happy to be losing still! I didn't work out today because it's my chest's turn but it's still sore from last time I worked it. Plus it's good to rest every once in a while, according to some people who probably know more than me or who are just lazy.

Anyway, gonna streamline this today:

white chocolate flavored coffee with full fat cream and coconut oil

2 eggs cooked in bacon grease, covered with salsa and full fat sour cream

2 slices of the fattiest bacon you ever did see

handful of nuts

couple slices of havarti and salami

small bowl of sugar-free jello with whipped cream (sugar free, duh)

onions and bell peppers cooked in butter (then I put more butter on em once they were on my plate    because I like butter)

baked chicken thigh w/ low carb gravy made from the fat that cooked out of the chicken and a little bit of corn starch

another handful of nuts

Because every entry needs a pic, here's one of Faith No More in their underwear -- except for Jim Martin (their guitarist) who thought the idea was dumb and was irritated with the photographer for being a douche to Puffy, the drummer (crouching in front).

And here's a live performance of their cover of "I Started a Joke" --

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