Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday, 07 November 2012 - 137.0 lbs

Woohoo! Down 2.4 AND Obama won (and, yes, I treated myself to a Facebook gloat). Sometimes I think there actually might be personal, interventionist gods somewhere out there in the cosmos, and for whatever reason they picked me out of all the lifeforms in the multiverse upon whom to smile down blessings on this resplendent day! Thank ye gods, whoever or whatever you might be!! I shall forever be indebted to y'all and will gladly do thy bidding (if ever conveyed in a convincing manner, of course).

But seriously, I'm probably just still losing water weight. I can't recall ever having lost this quickly before without fasting or drinking that stuff that makes you crap your brains out. Anyway, gingerbread cinnamon flavored coffee with coconut oil and coconut cream in the morning, 2 eggs w/ full fat cream and full fat sour cream and MOTHERFREAKIN SALSA with 3 slices of bacon for lunch. Handful of nuts for a snack after work, then more leftover chicken, only this time no loaded cauliflower. I just added some full fat sour cream and some salsa to it, though, cuz who eats just plain ol chicken?

I'm preparing myself to be stalled come tomorrow morning. Seems like I'm eating a lot of dairy, and I read dairy can slow weight loss. We'll see and adjust if we must.

Oh, I got my case for my iPhone today. So excited. It's red and black, which, as you undoubtedly know, are the official colors of the dark and dirty Lord Satan. I can't wait for someone to call me so I can raise my Satanic, cancer-causing phone right up to my brain for MAXIMUM SATANIC CARCINOGENIC CARNAGE!!! \m/

Then after I wrote all that I had a couple little pieces of havarti with some deli salami slices (like those little ones on party platters) and a slice of bologna. Mmmm. Delish.

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