Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday, 08 November 2012 - 135.0 lbs

Down 2 more! Good gravy! This has been a good week for me. Last time I lost weight like this I was in Qatar and was practically starving myself and enduring a pretty grueling cardio + weight routine (this was before I knew about HFLC, though). I know this is gonna slow waaaay down any day now, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Anyway, peppermint coffee with coconut milk and oil this morning. 2 1/2 eggs with sour cream and salsa plus 3 pieces of bacon for lunch. Actually worked out today: back and biceps for about 45 minutes (while listening to the amazingly melodic, hilariously Satanic metal band, Ghost!).

Oh my heavens, they are AMAZING. Their style is this sort of throwback to old school hard rock/metal (think Blue Öyster Cult crossed with Mercyful Fate) with over-the-top Satanic lyrics (tongue-in-cheek, I'm assuming) and a delightfully blasphemous image: their singer, Papa Emeritus, dresses like the Pope but has his face painted up all skull like, and the rest of the band, referred to collectively as "Nameless Ghouls," dress identically in robes of black or white with matching masks. Check out their song "Elizabeth" below (this song isn't particularly Satanic and doesn't contain any profanity, if that matters to you) -- it's a biographical sketch of that muse of metal heads and horror fans the world over, Elizabeth Báthory -- and it features the downright sexiest falsetto this side of his dark majesty, King Diamond himself! All Hail Ghost!

Then I laid in the steam room for 15 or 20 minutes (I have it in my head sweating is good for your skin, but I have no idea if it's true or not). Came home, snacked on a slice of bologna and a handful of nuts, walked Boscoe, then had a big salad with full fat ranch dressing (made from vegetable oil, unfortunately) with some leftover chicken thrown in (is it safe to eat leftovers this old? I don't know). I usually spruce up my salads a little (tomato, avocado, egg, bacon) but I was too hungry to endure that kind of prep time.

I think I have officially ridden out this water weight loss gravy train I've been on all week. I'm fearing a return to reality tomorrow....

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