Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday, 11 November 2012 - 137.0 lbs

I almost always put on weight during the weekends. Eating more, eating later in the evening -- what can you do, amirite? After dinner last night, I ended up with a case of the munchies and had some nuts, some hot cocoa Heather made for me (sooooo good!), a little bit of gelatin, some strawberries and cream, and I think that was it. But eating it all right before bed probably wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had in my life. Weighed 137.0 when I woke up this morning.

Had a huuuuge breakfast. I was hungry, girl! After my pumpkin flavored coffee with coconut oil and whipped cream (sugar free, of course), I had 2 eggs with cream cooked in bacon grease smothered in sour cream and salsa, 3 pieces of bacon, a couple forkfuls of chicken salad, a handful of nuts, some raspberries and strawberries with whipped cream, and a cup of gelatin (sugar free) with whipped cream. It was all sooooo good. More carbs in a sitting than what I aim for, but, hey, gotta live a little, right? I mean, it's a three day holiday weekend, so it's all right to go a little cray cray. Not straight up cray cray, now, but just a little cray cray. Like, not cannibalizing, necrophiliac, Dahmer cray cray -- but maybe coprophagic, dress up in woman's clothing, shave your head up to the crown to make room for your eye make-up, Divine cray cray.

Then after whatever I wrote last, I had a couple more bites of chicken salad, a slice of extra sharp white cheddar, another handful of nuts, then I had a nap. Then when I woke up I went to the gym and worked out my back, biceps, and forearms. Came home and had a single bite of Heather's salami, a cheese and beef stick Jack Links snack thing, then a cup of chocolate flavored coffee with a teaspoon of cocoa, a dollop of whipped cream, and two packets of sweet & low (I usually try to avoid the artificial sweeteners, but we were just talking about allowing the cray cray every now again, yeah?)

Dollop is a dumb word but I like using it and I don't even care. 

Then I went to town on the chicken salad, had a heaping spoonful of salsa because it's so dadgum good, then had a handful of nuts. Will I be down tomorrow? I think, yes!

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