Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday, 23 November 2012 - 137.4 lbs

 "Good Mourning / Black Friday" - Megadeth, 1986

I'm gonna have to drop an IOU into the 'cray cray' jar this morning, because I put on 4 whole pounds in 24 hours and that's just straight up CRAY CRAY. (Heather hates it when I say 'cray cray,' so the 'cray cray' jar (theoretically) awaits my $1 payment every time the phrase escapes my meat hole -- which is often. Thank bob I never carry any cash on me.)

Anyway, the plan is to fast today to hopefully put a dent in these 4 pounds. I might have some coffee (minus my usual fatty accoutrements), but that will be it. No exercising aside from walking (of which there will be a lot if I get roped into going shopping with Heather).

If you put on more than you wish you had yesterday, consider giving fasting a go: "How Fasting Aids Weight Loss" -

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