Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday, 25 November 2012 - 132.6 lbs

Bacchus and Ariadne by Titian, 1523-24

Down 1.8 lbs from yesterday. Marvelous.

chocolate flavored coffee with tsp cocoa, full fat cream, coconut oil

2 slices of bacon

2 eggs w/ full fat cream cooked in bacon grease, topped with full fat sour cream and salsa

worked out chest, shoulders, and triceps

protein shake

salad (romaine lettuce, turkey leg, full fat sour cream ranch dressing)

Doesn't sound like a lot, but I had to struggle to get that salad down. SOOO FULLL!!!


If you read the Men's Health article I posted yesterday (Saturated Fat: What If Bad Fat Is Actually Good For You?), God bless you. I hope you found it as fascinating and revealing as I did, and you needn't bother with the rest of this. What follows will just be a recap / highlight reel for your less adventurous brethren and sistren. You are excused to participate in a wholesome, fun activity of your choosing.

As for the rest of yous, on we plow: The article begins describing the Masai, a nomadic tribe in Kenya and Tanzania, who subsist largely on a diet of fat (half of it saturated), consisting of red meat and whole milk. All told, their diet is no less than 60% fat. Scientists were baffled to discover that the Masai, eating this fatty, therefore obviously "unhealthy," diet, nevertheless were as lean as African tribesmen and enjoyed "some of the lowest levels of cholesterol ever measured and were virtually free of heart disease."

Wait, what? HOW COULD THIS BE???!!!!1!! They must have some sort of freak genetic mutation protecting them against what nutrition experts have assured us is certain death from heart disease or other weight-related illnesses -- or so researchers surmised. But when a group of Masai men were moved to Nairobi and fed a "more modern diet," their cholesterol "skyrocketed." What's more is that similar observations were made of two other tribes, the Samburu of Kenya and the Fulani of Nigeria.

It is apparent that the experiences of these tribes flatly contradicts what we "know" about saturated fat's role in heart disease and obesity....

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