Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday, 01 December 2012 - 129.4 lbs

Ready or not tot by Marilyn Manson

That painting makes me laugh.

Down 1.8 lbs. I have officially surpassed my boot camp low of 130 lbs (when I reported to boot camp I weighed in the neighborhood of 160 lbs, and I probably hovered in that vicinity for years prior, so my guess is I'm at my lowest weight since 2004 or so). Marvelous.

I ended up having a few drinks last night at Rumor's: 2 Michelob Ultras (2.6g carbs apiece) and a Long Island Iced Tea (bartender told me it had shots of rum, vodka, tequila, and splashes of sweet and sour and Pepsi -- so not low carb). I've read that alcohol stalls weight loss, but I somehow came out all right (I'm wondering if the ensuing alcohol-related dehydration helped me out in the end). Woke up with a bit of headache though, so no more alcohol for me till Christmas and/or New Year's.


2 eggs with full fat cream cooked in bacon grease with full fat sour cream and salsa

2 slices of bacon

giant mug of gingerbread toffee flavored coffee with splash of full fat cream and 2 tsps of stevia

what was left of my monster salad from yesterday

Old Wisconsin beef stick snack thing

bowl of turkey meat with salsa, jalapenos, and full fat sour cream

handful of raspberries and strawberries

Didn't work out on account of the headache and too little sleep.


Today's post on Wheat Belly had some tasty info nuggets worth passing on (emphasis in original):
Wheat stimulates appetite. It’s that gliadin opiate at work again: It makes you want to eat the whole pizza, it makes you want more carbohydrates, it increases calorie consumption by 440 calories per day, every day. With wheat in your life, control over weight and health is a losing battle. Remove it and the battle is won a lot more easily.
...After wheat, other grains are also problems. Grains are, at best, an expedient, a convenience, a source of cheap calories. But, like wheat, grains do not belong in the diet of modern Homo sapiens. Grains have been consumed by humans for 0.4% of the time we have inhabited earth, meaning 99.6% of the time we ate no grains. When Homo sapiens of 10,000 years ago consumed einkorn and emmer wheat, teosinte (corn), sorghum, millet, and rice, we experienced smaller femur size, a reduction in height, more iron deficiency anemia (evidenced by porotic hyperostosis in skulls), transverse ridges in the incisors signifying malnutrition, an explosion in tooth decay and loss, shrinking faces and jaws resulting in crooked teeth and deformities. This is why I say that, like wheat, consumption of grains is for the desperate or the misinformed.
As someone who has removed grains (and sugar) from his diet (more for their effect on insulin than anything else), I can attest to the fact that since doing so I have noticed an increase in my energy levels, a greater feeling of satiety between meals (and a generally reduced appetite overall), fewer visits to the bathroom to drop them dirty deuces and less gas (sorry, but it's true), and, of course, a significant decrease in body fat. If you're hesitant to adopt this approach but would welcome the benefits I described, give the book and the blog a gander before ruling it out.

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