Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, 03 December 2012 - 131.0 lbs

Virgin in Adoration before the Christ Child by Peter Paul Rubens, c.1615

Up 0.4 from yesterday. Marvelous.

Not really liking this increase the last two days. Yeah, it's only 1.6 lbs, but still.

That being said, it pains me to say that I was a bad boy today. Started the day off right with my coffee with cream, coconut oil, and cocoa, but freakin Singh cooked for everyone at work, and I regret to say I indulged. Actually, probably did a little more than indulge. I made quite the glutton out of myself to tell you the truth.

THERE WERE CARBOHYDRATES EVERYWHERE. Chicken curry, egg curry, samosa, white rice, pork fried rice. Ugh. I ate so much and I feel like total garbage right now. You'll think I'm exaggerating just to make an agenda driven point, but, hand to God, I feel bloated and gassy and sluggish right now. All day at work I just wanted to sit in my chair and keep eating. And what's more, I'm actually craving more carbs at this very moment! (Some Oreos and milk would really tickle my pickle.) I seldom ever get the urge to overeat when eating HFLC, and yet this was the norm for me before I gave up sugar, starches, and grains. I never realized how awful it felt until I had a new "normal" with which to compare it.

Ah, well. I suppose today has at least been instructive in reminding me that no matter how much I think I might miss foods like this, the pay off (such as it is) just isn't worth it. Going from burning body fat for fuel to burning sugar for fuel (that's what our bodies convert carbs to, ya see) really sucks -- depleted energy levels, "sugar crash," stimulated appetite, bloating/gas, and not to mention another pound or two to look forward to at tomorrow's weigh-in. Bleh.

Fast tomorrow?

Fast tomorrow!

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