Wednesday, December 12, 2012

¡Adiós Amigos!

Okay, so I think I'm done with the daily weigh-ins and food logs. I've hit my goal weight (passed it, actually -- though I do still have some fat lbs I'd like to trade in for some muscle lbs, but I don't expect the number on the scale to change too much more). But I do hope my little n=1 experiment has done at least a little to illustrate the point I've been trying to make: HFLC = weight loss, and with no calorie counting, no portion weighing, and no going hungry (except during IF's). Since I've started keeping track of my weight and food here a little over a month ago, I've lost over 16 lbs, and I did it by eliminating sugars, starches, and grains, while eating unlimited amounts of full flavored and satiating foods high in fat -- cream, butter, cheese, sour cream, nuts, coconut oil, bacon, eggs, avocados, cream cheese, etc. (And, yes, I've been working out, but the effects of exercise on weight loss are depressingly minimal.)

I'll keep posting here about stuff that interests me (nutrition included, of course), but the daily updates are done. Thanks for following along, and I hope you'll stop back by.

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